Welcome to Questing Potato! Here we delve into culture and media with an open mind and a healthy dose of humor.

You will find reviews and opinions discussing anything worth writing about – and everything is worth writing about, in my opinion.

An incurable culture addict, I live inside my head most of the time and occasionally visit the internet for supplies, only to hunker down once again and think.

The products of this cloistered calling include weekly reviews (on just about any subject, nothing and no one is safe), half-decent articles when I wax philosophical, and many very spontaneous opinions, unsolicited and freely given, thank you.

Occasionally I will rant.

Guest Authors:

Malicious Marble:

Men’Fet: We’re not sure who Men’Fet really is – if he is anyone at all. He prefers not to be described, and to only be known through his writings. The latter, though a little odd, have struck a chord with us here and…well, he has an intriguing way of taking a more detached view of humanity and its idiosyncrasies.

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